Thursday, 31 August 2017

25 Years... Is something stirring in Los Barcos?

In case you missed it, things have been happening in Los Barcos recently. Even the BBC has been in town!

Here is the feature from BBC Breakfast, where David Sillito visits the old town - and meets up with Polly Perkins for a wander around the place... which, happily, is still very recognisable.

Dave James of 93.6 Global Radio in Spain has been busy too, visiting the set and interviewing some more familiar faces, including Framboise Gommendy, Julie Fernandez and Iker Ortiz de Zarate. You can hear what they have to say about Eldorado and what they have been doing since here.

And finally, more great news: every episode of Eldorado is now on YouTube too. So now there is no excuse not to remember everything that went on back in the day. Why not spend three days watching them all back to back! Actually, no, don't do that...

Nagging question: Would the UK's attitude to Europe be different had Eldorado continued? Perhaps, in these troubled times, its message of cooperation between European neighbours is needed more than ever. The words of Marcus Tandy seem as apt today as they were then: "You can't trust anyone these days, can you?"

A re-run of the original series could just be a cult hit, I suspect. Perhaps there's a home for it over on BBC Four. There are rumours circulating of a return for the show in some form -  doesn't this seem like the perfect time?

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